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Oh hey,
I'm Suzy!

     Before you ask, yes you can call me Suzy Q! I think my name is pretty cool too. I am a wedding, and family event photographer from Mississauga, Ontario. I have a passion for capturing the natural and true beauty of special moments. When I am not shooting a wedding, I am working as a television producer here in Toronto. Once I finally put the camera down, you can find me editing, enjoying the outdoors, or eating my favourite baked goods.

People often compare me to a bottle of rose; think of me as the bottle of sparkling rosé your event didn’t know it was missing. Bubbly, pink, and ready to burst with excitement at every special occasion. 🍾

About Me

Photo by Scarlet O'Neil. 



The moment when

forever becomes right now. 



You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly. 


Every moment together

feels like home. 


Why every bride and groom need the
royal treatment...
I know a thing or two. 

I’ve had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember. I have 10 years of shooting photography, 4 years professionally, and 3 years of shooting wedding videos. My experience in the industry, whether it be on set for a Netflix series, or behind the counter at Henry’s Camera, has taught me how to find and capture those inexplicably magical moments. It is the people like you, who’s magic I get to capture, that make me excited for the next 10 years of memory-making!  


We’ve had the pleasure of capturing many beautiful families’ and couples’ milestones. They share their experience below and we would just like to say,
the feeling is mutual.

 We absolutely adore the photos they are so beautiful!

We had a blast at our photo session. You made the experience very easy and enjoyable.

We will definitely take you up on other photo options as well as recommend you to anyone looking for a fabulous and talented photographer!