Hi, I'm Suzy Queen!

Before you ask, yes my last name is really Queen.

Now let's meet.


When I am not capturing life’s most precious moments, I am working as a television producer here in Toronto. When I finally put the laptop away, you can find me curling up on the couch to a rom-com, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, hiking with friends, or hitting the open road with my fiance, Mark.  I’ll be sure to bring him along to your event so you can meet him! He doubles as my second shooter and life partner.


He can’t guarantee to cry at your wedding, but without a doubt, I will. I have a soft spot for weddings, but what I really love is capturing every laugh, smile, or tear of joy shed in all lives in-between moments. It is capturing these moments, having something to look back on years from now, that makes the memories. 

On the way to your event, I’ll be blasting my ultimate pump-up playlist featuring all my favourites - Odeza, Above and Beyond, and, of course, a little Taylor Swift.

PS, you can play my favourite playlists on Spotify here!

Think of me as the bottle of sparkling rose your event didn’t know it was missing. Bubbly, (very) pink, and ready to burst with excitement at every special occasion. 🥂🍾

I'm a bride too...
so I get it! 

Meet Mark! My fiancé, best friend and second shooter. We make a dream team who totally understands what you're feeling on your big day.
We are here to support you and cheer you on... all while capturing you looking amazing! 


Since we're friends now...
let's get to know each other a little better! 

Gorgon City/The Kungs

Currently on repeat

Real moments with some added fun

Editing Style 

West Coast Best Coast

When are we going?

Miss to Mrs..in 6 months!

Looking forward to...


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