Yes, Queen is my last name.

Suzy has been taking photos since her early teens, and whenever there was an event in her community, she would volunteer and captures countless images. Then, with her part-time job at Henry's camera, Suzy found an interest in teaching camera and photography lessons. She invested and expanded her gear list at the end of university and quickly began to get busy with engagement photoshoots, portraits, family photos, and videos for weddings.  Now, she has found that working with families, and couples, providing affordable rates, and quick turnaround, there's no photographer like it. She cares about each couple, and will always go the extra mile to ensure you're comfortable while working together. 

  For her everyday job, Suzy Queen is an up and coming producer. She is a passionate, enthusiastic and hard-working crew member to any team. Currently Production Managing Season Two of award-winning cartoon series, Total Dramarama with Fresh TV. She finished her award-winning thesis at Humber College for Film and Media Production. She also works on set as an assistant director under the Director’s Guild of Canada, She is a story creator, producer of the award-winning Toronto Youth Shorts Festival documentary, Upcycle. 

Book with Suzy
With writer/director Megan Harrison on set for, Phobia. (2016)
Pre-Production for Un Piece (2017)
Wift x Tiff September 2017
RBC Launch: Future Ready (2017)
Ad'ing Phobia (2016)
Creative team for Un Piece (2017)
Studio Fun
Ad'ing Anna with my partner Mark.  (2017)
Upcycle (2017)
Phobia (2016)
Phobia (2016)


"Suzy, I love love love the photos! You captured each moment so well. I cannot stop going through them, I can relive this day because you got every second of it. Thank you so much, I can't wait to share with everyone!"


Happy and Joti's Wedding Reception

The photos were amazing! We viewed them while the whole family was over, and it felt like we were reliving the event all over again. You and Mark get all the candid shots that no one else can. We love all the photos, thank you so much!


The photos were amazing! Thank you so much for capturing this special day for us. - The Sandhu Family


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