• Suzy Queen

A Fall Engagement in an Open Field, Newmarket, Ontario - Sammy + Adrianno

Updated: Apr 11

Sammy and Adrianno inquired back in July 2021 as they had to move their original wedding date from the well-known virus. Turns out, their wedding date was only a week away from their 10 year long dating anniversary.

These two met in high school. She was a cheerleader, he was the football jock.

I guess it's safe to say that they truly have the classic American love story that we all know.

They weren’t originally going to do an engagement shoot but of course, I always encourage it, and about 80% of my packages include one.

In September, a month before the wedding we met in the groom's parents' large property with plenty of acres of land and tons of space for their two dogs to run around in.

We went for like a fall theme; maroons, yellows, and oranges mixed with the green space.

The funny thing about the shoot was that the groom actually didn’t know it was an engagement shoot so if you ever have a groom not totally up for a shoot, you just tell him it’s a photoshoot with his dog and then he’ll do it!

We started off by walking into the property together and we ran around with the dogs and had some fun


We ended with a pillow fight on some blankets and some family photos with the furry friends.