A Fall Outdoor Engagement Session in a Field with their Pups
September 12, 2021

Sammy and Adriano's love story took an unexpected turn when they had to reschedule their original wedding date due to the well-known virus. Little did they know that their new wedding date would fall just a week shy of their remarkable 10-year dating anniversary. Their journey began back in high school, where they first crossed paths through the bride's connection with the groom's sister. Their story is the epitome of a classic American tale - she, the cheerleader, and he, the football jock, with stable careers, incredible families, and the delightful addition of their beloved dogs.

While an engagement shoot wasn't initially in their plans, as a photographer, I always encourage capturing these precious moments. In fact, approximately 80% of my packages include an engagement shoot. In September, just a month before their wedding, we rendezvoused at the groom's parents' expansive property, which boasted acres of land for their two energetic dogs to frolic in. The chosen theme embraced the enchanting colours of fall - a delightful mix of maroons, yellows, and oranges set against the lush green backdrop.

Here's a funny twist: the groom had no clue that the shoot was actually an engagement session! But as any photographer knows, when a groom may not be initially enthusiastic about a shoot, simply mention it's a photo session with his furry companion, and his willingness to participate suddenly blossoms!

We began the session by strolling together into the picturesque property, allowing the dogs to lead the way as we gleefully chased after them. We captured a variety of portraits, infused with creative prompts and even incorporated a playful game or two. The shoot culminated with a joyous pillow fight on cozy blankets, followed by heartwarming family photos featuring their adorable companions.

Sending all my love,

Suzy xx

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