From Wedding Bliss to Maternity Bliss: at Scottsdale Farm, Ontario
June 11, 2023

Love stories often come full circle, evolving from one milestone to another, each chapter filled with its own unique beauty. We had the privilege of capturing one such story - the heartwarming journey of Tiegan and Eryk, from their magical wedding at Erin Estate in 2022 to the sweet anticipation of their little boy, Fox.

A Wedding to Remember:
It all began in 2022 when we were entrusted with capturing Tiegan and Eryk's special day at Erin Estate. The sun was shining, love was in the air, and the atmosphere was truly enchanting. The couple's love and commitment to each other were evident in every glance, every smile, and every touch. It was a day of joy, laughter, and heartfelt promises, setting the stage for the beautiful journey that lay ahead.

The Miracle of New Life:
Shortly after their enchanting wedding day, Tiegan and Eryk received the joyous news that they were expecting their first child. It was a moment of pure elation and anticipation, as they eagerly awaited the arrival of their little one. This was the beginning of a new chapter, filled with dreams and hopes for their growing family.

Maternity Photoshoot at Scottsdale Farm:
As the seasons changed and spring brought new beginnings, Tiegan reached out to us with the idea of a maternity photoshoot to celebrate this precious time in their lives. We scheduled the shoot for a sunny day in April at Scottsdale Farm, a charming location known for its picturesque landscapes and rustic charm.

Despite the unexpected chill in the air, Tiegan was a true trooper, braving the cold with grace and radiance. It was a testament to her strength and dedication as she embraced the cold to capture the essence of this special moment. Her glowing smile and the love in Eryk's eyes spoke volumes about the love they shared, and the growing connection with their little one.

Exploring the Beauty of Scottsdale Farm:
Scottsdale Farm provided the perfect backdrop for capturing the vibe Tiegan had envisioned for her maternity photos. We explored different spots on the farm, each one adding its own unique touch to the photographs. From the blooming flowers to the rolling hills and rustic fences, every element of the farm blended harmoniously with the love and anticipation that filled the air.

The Arrival of Little Fox:
Not long after our enchanting photoshoot, Tiegan and Eryk's little boy, Fox, made his grand entrance into the world. He arrived as happy and healthy as could be, completing their family and adding a new dimension to their love story. Their hearts were now filled with the purest form of love - the love a parent has for their child.

Tiegan and Eryk's journey is a testament to the beautiful cycle of life. From the magical day they said "I do" at Erin Estate to the joyous moments awaiting the arrival of little Fox, their love story is one filled with love, hope, and endless beauty. We are grateful to have been a part of this incredible journey, capturing the milestones that will forever be cherished in their hearts. We wish Tiegan, Eryk, and their adorable son, Fox, a lifetime of love, laughter, and beautiful memories as they continue to write their unique love story.

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