How to Plan for a Rainy Wedding Day with Sammy & Adrianno at Ivy Ridge
April 12, 2023

Fall weddings can be as beautiful as they are stressful to plan for. In the case of Sammy & Adrianno, they had a particular vision in mind, and it really showed. Their venue was Ivy Ridge, and having a covered venue for the ceremony and a fully indoor reception really came in handy. Even Sammy’s Kleinfeld dress was meant to look beautiful at a cozy fall wedding. The weather broke for just long enough for me to get some quick portrait shots outside and capture the golds, oranges, and browns of the fall leaves. But much of the time was spent feeling cozy and warm inside the barn. The décor they had definitely matched this vibe, and was meant to make the space feel like a cozy sanctuary from the weather outside. The bride and groom even changed out of their wedding clothes to be cozy and warm in the evening. Emotions were running high, and you could tell this meant a lot to the families it brought together for the first time in a long time. The guests all seemed to have a great time dancing the night away.

This wedding taught me a lot about the importance of preparation for your big day, both as a bride and a photographer. The weather plays such a huge role in how you prepare. In the case of Sammy and Adrianno, their wedding was over the Thanksgiving long weekend, so they knew rain was going to be on the cards. As a photographer, I made it my job to be as prepared as I could. That meant scouting the venue early and having locations for portraits, and then backup locations in case of rain. It meant that when the rain began and the bride was starting to feel anxious about the wedding and the lighting, not letting my emotions show so as to not panic her. The cloud cover made lighting a challenge, but again it’s important to be prepared for that

As a bride or groom, it is important to plan your wedding around the rain if you can. When I say plan your wedding around the rain, I mean it! Sammy and Adrianno really leaned into this theme with everything from the venue to the decor, but there’s still a lot more that can be done to prepare. You need to make sure your guests are prepared too, and come with clothes that will keep them warm. You can make sure to have plenty of umbrellas for guests when they are moving between locations, and towels for when they do get caught outside. The single biggest piece of advice I can give regardless of whether you are the one planning the wedding, or the one photographing it, is to communicate with each other about the day. Make sure everyone is prepared for the rain, and the difficulties it can bring. You can’t plan for every eventuality, but if you are on the same page and work together, you can still overcome them.

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