Katherine & Zack Wedding at the York Mills Gallery, Toronto
October 2, 2022

 It was such a pleasure to be a part of Kat and Zack’s  special day at the York Mills Gallery in Toronto. Although I take great pride and joy in all my work, this particular wedding was special. Kat and Zack wanted a photographer who would be an extension of their friend group, and that's exactly what my style strives for.

     We started the day with the getting ready shots, and Kat looked absolutely stunning. Her smile was infectious, and it was clear to see how excited she was to be marrying the love of her life. I was constantly struck by the love and joy that surrounded this beautiful couple. After the ceremony, there was a brief moment where Kat left without Zac, and I had to call her back so that I could get pictures of them leaving together, much to everyone’s delight. It’s really moments like these that make your wedding day truly special, and that show how being a photographer is about so much more than just getting good pictures. It’s about helping you make your wedding day a truly memorable and beautiful event that you will never forget.

     Throughout the day, I made sure to blend in with the guests and capture all the important moments in a candid way. This is something that I believe sets me apart as a photographer. It's not just about capturing the big moments, but also the little moments that make a wedding day truly special. Those that would otherwise be lost if there wasn’t someone there to capture them.

     At the end of the day, it's not just about taking great photos. It's about building a relationship with the couple and making sure that they feel comfortable and happy. It's not just about the wedding day itself, but also about building a connection beforehand so that by the time of the wedding day, I’m not just a stranger showing up to take pictures, but just another guest who happens to have a camera. I'm proud to say that Kat and Zack are not just clients, but also friends. It's important to me to build relationships with all of my clients that last long after the final dance is over.

     Working with Kat and Zack was truly a pleasure. Their wedding day was a beautiful celebration of love, and I'm honoured to have been a part of it. Choosing the right photographer isn’t just about finding one that takes great photos, but about building up trust and a relationship with them that means you feel comfortable enough to be yourself on your big day, and not like you are being constantly posed by a stranger. The ideal photographer for a wedding in my mind is simply a friend with a camera. (but not actually a friend and a real photographer!)

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