Adventurous Love: Tiegan and Eryk's Enchanting Engagement Session
July 7, 2022

Meeting Tiegan and Eryk was like stumbling upon a treasure trove of love, adventure, and wanderlust. Through a mutual friend from college, I had the incredible opportunity to capture their engagement session, and let me tell you, it was a whirlwind of unforgettable moments. With their adventurous spirits and boundless affection, Tiegan and Eryk were up for anything, making their engagement session in Guelph, Ontario, an absolute delight.

Beach Vibes and Intimate Moments

Our first stop was a picturesque beach, where the sun kissed the shoreline and the waves danced with joy. As adventurists and travelers, Tiegan and Eryk embraced the carefree spirit of the beach, running, chasing each other, and sharing intimate moments up close. It was a truly magical sight to behold as their love unfolded against the backdrop of the glistening water and golden sand.

Capturing the Essence

To enhance the experience and capture every precious moment, we had the talented Mark join us to create a stunning video. Through his lens, the energy and chemistry between Tiegan and Eryk were beautifully showcased, immortalizing their love story in a truly unique way. Be sure to check out the mesmerizing video below to witness the magic unfold.

A Romantic Tent Setup

As the evening transitioned into a warm and enchanting evening, Tiegan and Eryk's excitement peaked as we arrived at their dream location: a romantic tent setup complete with a crackling fire and indulgent s'mores (even though Hershey's box wasn't vegan!) This intimate and cozy setting allowed their love to flourish in the most whimsical way. The flickering flames mirrored the intensity of their affection, creating an ambiance that was nothing short of magical.

As you browse through the captivating photos below, immerse yourself in the magic that Tiegan and Eryk shared during this unforgettable chapter of their love story.

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