Grabbing Pizza at Sunset | Engagement Session on Queen St. West - Photos by Suzy Queen
January 5, 2022

    May of 2022 was an interesting time for Zack and Kat as they prepared for their wedding, they reached out to me for an engagement shoot, and I knew I had to make it as special as they are. I always want to make sure that my clients have the best possible experience, whatever that looks like for them.

So I start with a questionnaire that both helps us to build trust, and to learn more about each other, so we are all on the same page on the big day. After this questionnaire, we meet up in person to discuss what they want to get out of the shoot, and then have one final phone call the night before their shoot. In this case, I found out a lot of useful things from this research that I could put towards planning for the day. One big thing was that they both really liked pizza, so I decided to give them a special trip to the pizza shop I went to when I got engaged. I also found out that they were looking for a very casual shoot that would capture their unique sense of style and relationship. 

     On the day of the shoot, I made sure to give them plenty of guidance and prompts to bring out their natural chemistry and make them feel comfortable in each other's presence. The one that seemed to work best was when I asked them who the fastest runner was. That really helped bring out their fun side as they raced each other down the pavement, and forgot all about the shoot while they did so.

Before we got pizza, I had them get some portraits on a staircase where the lighting was perfect for this one, and the energy between them was electric. They felt so at ease the whole time, and this clearly came through in their pictures.

     After the stairs, we went and picked up the pizza from North of Brooklyn pizzeria before heading over to Kensington Park. This was a great time, as it allowed us to get some beautiful pictures, but also allowed us a moment to pause and chat with them about their plans. It helped us to become closer, and also we learned that Kat and I were going through a similar life transition. It’s moments like this that really help make these shoots so special and unique, as they really help us to better understand and work with our clients.

     On our way back from the park, we got some beautiful variable lighting from the sunset, and from the lights outside the pizzeria after it got darker. Overall this shoot when better than I could have hoped as we got so lucky with the lighting throughout, and all my planning and preparation meant the day went off really well, and was the perfect shoot for Kat and Zack. By taking the time to understand Kat and Zack's personalities, the shoot became a reflection of their unique bond, and I consider this level of preparation and attention to detail a cornerstone of my business. It allows me to adapt to different couples and situations, ensuring that each event is personalized and unforgettable.

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